Treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, chronic bowel inflammation, multiple sclerosis and psoriasis requires significant resources. The use of biological drugs for such diseases in the Norwegian health service cost 2.2 billion NOK in 2012. There is great potential to provide patients with proper and adequate treatment, to find those who do not respond to such treatment, to lay the foundation for developing new drugs to the latter and to find drugs with fewer or lesser side effects than today.

The Norwegian Inflammation Network (NORIN) is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to meet this need and to accelerate the development of new diagnostics and drugs in inflammation. NORIN was established in 2014 and is one of the fastest growing networks in Europe with 61 members from the pharmaceutical industry, biotech companies, patient organizations, regional dvelopment players and academic institutions/research centres.


NORIN's aim is to bring together enterprises, organizations, research and educational institutions and competence in the field of life science that are active in inflammation diagnostics and treatment.

This website functions as a platform for members to connect as well as an opportunity for new members to be exposed to the cluster. New updates regarding events, publications, innovations and drugs will be announced to ensure that all actors within inflammation are aware of what is transpiring in the field. This website offers marketing of members; member profiles are presented, with direct links to the members' own websites and active use of the website and social media to distribute news from member businesses (some website marketing may be subject to a fee).

The NORIN team also prepares themes and programmes for professional networking and matchmaking meetings and targeted patient seminars on the basis of input received from cluster members.

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NORIN is a non-profit membership organization. It attracts members in the categories of research institutions, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, university hospitals, universities, support groups, financial institutions and regional development players.

Are you interested in information on how your company/organization can become a member of NORIN? Please contact us at contact@norinnetwork.no.

The membership fees are:

  • NOK 0 for start-up organizations and small organizations with less than 15 employees
  • NOK 2.500 for patient organizations
  • NOK 5.000 start-up organizations and SMB organizations with 16-50 employees (including the academic research centers)
  • NOK 25.000 for large scale enterprise/organization and academic institutions

NORIN's aim is to gather companies, organizations, research and educational institutions that contribute to research, innovation and knowledge dissemination in inflammation and immunology as well as create a long-lasting dialogue and collaboration between them. The purpose is to encourage innovation of new medical products and services through interaction between academic and industrial environments. The cluster will be a meeting place for research and development that can generate new solutions in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The network will also encourage better utilization of EU funding programs and help to establish contacts that may have increased the number of international partners.

NORIN has high ambitions to continue to strengthen its position as a global knowledge and innovation center.

  • Matchmaking between SME, R&D, financing and industry
  • Bridging the gap between ideas and the market
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation and exchange of experience and knowledge
  • Common goal of curing inflammatory diseases



Please either use the online contact form or email us at: contact@norinnetwork.no.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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